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Wrap your flowers in something that matters

Have your flowers wrapped in this beautiful print, with all the profits going to the Aboriginal Legal service. Designed by local artist Jasmine Craciun. The artwork is available for preorder on Jasmine’s website until the 22/09/2021.


Aboriginal Legal Service

The ALS is a proud Aboriginal Controlled Community Organisation. 

The Aboriginal Legal Service opened our doors in 1970 in Redfern as the first Aboriginal Legal Service in Australia, and the first free legal assistance service in the country – that makes us almost 50 years old!

After dispossession, new laws were imposed and used to rule over our communities. We had no say in the laws that were created and the police and the courts have historically played a fundamental role in the oppression of Aboriginal peoples.

The ALS was founded as a response to this injustice and an acknowledgment of the importance of Aboriginal people designing and delivering services to our own communities.

Today the ALS does legal work in criminal law, children’s care and protection law, and family law in NSW/ACT. We also support the development of wraparound programs and undertake broader policy and law reform work.

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