Justin & Kayla in Robertson

"As someone who doesn't know a lot about flowers, I left Sophia with a pretty vague guide on what I wanted (which I'm sure wasn't a great deal of help). I basically gave her a colour scheme, what kind of vibe I was looking for and then left it entirely up to her expertise. Damn did she smash it out of the park like I knew she would. "

"She perfectly encapsulated the look and feel that I wanted for the day and I was simply blown away with her attention to detail. When it came to our meetings in the lead up to the big day, she was always a perfect blend of professionalism, mixed with a cool, calm and collected demeanor, which left me feeling totally at ease and way more relaxed than when we first started speaking."

"Her adaptability and flexibility on the day made everything run so smoothly when we had to relocate our entire plan due to wet weather and this took all the stress out of it- she is literally a calm that sweeps over the whole room! Another thing that I really loved about her approach, was in fact her plan for after the wedding."

Wedding Bouquet

"She wanted to remain as sustainable as possible which I simply loved, so everything had a plan (who was taking what home) plus if anything could be repurposed. I've worked in weddings for a long time and so often you see the flowers simply thrown out at the end of the night, so this attention to reducing waste was a huge plus for me. "

Bride with bridal bouquet

"So do yourself a favour and make your life a ton easier and book Sophia now- it's literally, no questions asked, one of the best decisions you'll have made for your day!"

Bride and Bridesmaids flowers

 Photography by @hayneshayley

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